oh! the horror(s)!

“draw strength
walk on into the night
better you try to pass her by
walk on into the night

When we last discussed the Horrors, their first single Sea Within A Sea was just making the rounds. Taken from the band’s second record Primary Colours, the single showed a change in direction from the debut Stange House‘s spastic Cramps/Ramones brand of punk to something more subdued and almost ethereal-like. That was then and this is now. Colours has gone on to be nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize and now the second single has arrived. To say that Mirror’s Image is a treat to behold is pure understatement. The evolution of the band is truly exciting to witness as Image finds the bands venturing further into pop territory by blending bit of the Cure with the Jesus & Mary Chain with a touch of the Bunnymen for good measure.

The band will hitting the road real soon opening for Nine Inch Nails so you must do your very best in order to catch them. I’ll definitely be there when they hit the stage on their own on the 17th of September at Bowery Ballroom. If you haven’t already, get Primary Colours immediately!

“Mirror’s Image”, by the Horrors, taken from the XL release, “Primary Colours”


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