thank heavens for little (rocker) girls…

Somer BinghamDSCN0216DSCN0208

Earlier this evening I did a wee hop, skip and a jump to a brand new DIY venue here in Da ‘Burg called Live From Shea Stadium affectionately titled after the recently torn down monstrosity in Flushing, Queens where my dearly beloved Metropolitans now play in Citi Field. Yes, I’m a jock. Deal.  So…the venue is very cool. It’s pretty spacious and is set up to record live performances so it’s definitely a place that local bands in the area will want to check out for small shows and what not.

Tonight’s visit was to bear witness for the first time to Clinical Trials in a live setting. I’ve already gushed over their sound so I was excited to see them play out. I’d say they delivered quite handily.  A frenetic and shambolic set featuring faltering microphones, a flying bass and loads of LOUD! It was everything one could want in such an intimate setting. The band was tight and lead singer/guitarist Somer Bingham did not disappoint as she ensnared the crowd in her wall of wail in songs like Disco Headphones and Polly Got Away. The band definitely brought the force as they pummeled the audience with tons of energy and sweat.

Check them out…now!

“Polly Got Away”, from the forthcoming release, “In The Wake Of The Digital Afterlife”


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