erik hassle doesn’t want your flowers…

“When I’m gone, who are you to mourn?
No don’t touch me when I’m lying in my coffin.
Don’t stand there crying as you’re watching.
Don’t put no flowers by my final bed”

Straight out of Sweden with a bullet, it’s Erik Hassle. Never mind the fact he looks like he could play the part of Poindexter in a Revenge Of The Nerds remake, this boy’s been making some moves and been making them quickly over the last few months. Unfortunately during my brief time away, I didn’t get a chance to cover his first single Hurtful which became a success in his native Sweden as well as wave-making in the UK. We now have his first single to be released in the UK called Don’t Bring Flowers.

A song built around a simple guitar riff which upon first listen sounded similar to the main riff in the song Discotech by Young Love. Flowers comes from the school of Keep It Simple, Stupid. Start with a simple guitar that hooks you in followed by the vocals and then kill ’em with the chorus.  Lyrically, the song is pretty standard girl-doesn’t appreciate me-or-the-things-I-do-for-her fare but where the lyrics don’t say anything novel, the chorus is more than enough to convince you that this is one artist with a bright future ahead. With songs like this, it’s pretty easy to see why his star is rising so quickly.

Erik Hassle on MySpace
Erik Hassle on Twitter
Erik Hassle on Facebook

“Don’t Bring Flowers”, by Erik Hassle, taken from the forthcoming Island release, “Hassle”


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