rising from the ashes of…

It was sad. Peter Hook posting on his MySpace that New Order were done, kaput and over. It was disheartening to read but at the same time, one almost felt a certain sigh of relief. Let’s be honest. The band was purely running on fumes on the last couple of records Get Ready & Waiting For The Siren’s Call. The magic never quite seemed to come back and one could argue the absence of Gillian Gilbert may have cast a pall over the band as well. Whatever the case may have been, it ended with the band going their seperate ways. Peter Hook to his DJ gigs and the supergroup, Freebass and Bernard Sumner to…Bad Lieutenant!

Bad Lieutenant is Barney’s new band featuring himself on guitar and vox, Gillian’s New Order “replacement”, Phil Cunningham (ex-Marion), Jake Evans, Tom Chapman and…Stephen Morris from…you guessed it, New Order. The band has just begun playing some preliminary UK dates to promote their forthcoming debut record Never Cry Another Tear. The first fruits of the record arrives with the debut single Sink Or Swim. A simple, somewhat mellow track that would not sound out of place on New Order’s Technique album. Think songs like Love Less or to a lesser extent, Run.

Say what you will about Bernard’s voice about having always been the weak link in New Order’s sound, he sounds in fine form here. To be honest, the song does a great job of showcasing the subtle qualities of his voice making the song a pleasure to listen to.

“Sink Or Swim” by Bad Lieutenant taken from the forthcoming Triple Echo release, “Never Cry Another Tear”

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  1. You must be on drugs or stupid to make this comment “Let’s be honest. The band was purely running on fumes on the last couple of records Get Ready & Waiting For The Siren’s Call”, these were very good albums by them, I know they are not classics but they were still very good and the fans loved it.

  2. We’ll have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, those two post-hiatus were not on the level as prior records. They don’t hold up as well as their older records which spawned and influenced many bands. The latter two sound like a band trying to catch up and make up for lost time.

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