tomorrow’s just a song away…

“This is believe me music, this is forget me music
This is who can love me you know, this aint no roxy music
This is new form music, this is old form music
This is i paid attention not some makes his prediction music
Oh he could let me use it”

Do you miss 80s powerpop? Do you face beam when you hear Freeze Frame or Centerfold by the J. Geils Band? Maybe a lazy day of listening to Candy-O by the Cars? If that’s your sound, let me introduce to a young quartet out of Portland that learned their lessons well in the art of early 80s American pop. Let’s play some Hockey!

Following up the debut single, the very promising Learn To Lose, the band unveils Song Away. Friends, this one hit me right in the gut. This is one of those songs that could have been played in a prom/dance scene in any of your favourite 80s American teen movies. There are hooks abound and plenty to spare. You simply can’t help but smile as you sing the lyrics and dance away… There are singles and then there are fragments of time. These fragments consist of songs that make you stop what you’re doing and listen and imagine yourself doing something else. That something else could be daydreaming, reliving a memory of some sort, just a brief excursion from what it is you were doing before this particular song came on.

That’s the vibe I get from this track and that’s why Hockey is most certainly a band to keep an eye on. Their debut record Mind Chaos is out 6 October via Capitol. Needless to say, it’s a must.

“Song Away” by Hockey taken from the forthcoming Capitol release, “Mind Chaos”

Hockey on MySpace
Hockey on Twitter


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