dark angels rise and cross the horizon…

“the time for revelation’s gone now
we can stand on our own feet
do you believe in power
while they march in their divisions
we’ll go dancing on their dreams
While the empires crash down”

Fresh off the release of their debut full-length Midnight Of The Century, we have the promotional film for the single Flight Of The Demoiselles. Yes, friends, it’s New York’s own Blacklist. A great video that does a great song justice. The band looks dashing, the production looks first-rate and it’s safe to say the band is well on their way. Good show, boys!

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“Flight Of The Demoiselles” by Blacklist, taken from the Wierd release, “Midnight Of The Century”

white lies webster hall 25.09.2009

white lies 2

So there I was at good old Webster Hall, the site where I came of age as a wee young lad dancing to house and techno music under the lights. I marveled at all at my fellow club-goers, the club kids in their beautiful outfits and outrageous antics… Those were the days…but I digress.  White Lies returned to the Big Apple and brought their brooding dark post-punk missives with them. The first time I saw them was at the Bowery Ballroom along with the Soft Pack and Friendly Fires. The band put on a solid set that was tempered a bit by Harry McVeigh having throat problems. He valiantly gave it a go but his voice was considerably weak.

That was most definitely not the case Friday night at Webster Hall. I came late to the venue so unfortunately I was only able to catch the latter part of the set by openers, Violens. What I did hear was very promising indeed and I’ll make it a point to see them again. Soon after 9pm, the band hit the stage. The first thing I noticed was that the band definitely stepped up their game and immediately began with Farewell To The Fairground, one of my personal favourites from the self-titled debut record. The audience had already reached fever pitch before in anticpation for the band to get on the stage and from the first song, one could literally feel the floor shake. For a band whose record really didn’t bother the US charts, it’s plain to see White Lies has already garnered themselves a dedicated fanbase who passionately sang every word to every song in the 12 song set.

Any concerns over Harry McVeigh’s voice were quickly quelled as he was able to remind us again why he’s got the most expressive voice in indie rock right now in Fifty On Our Foreheads and A Place To Hide. His voice possesses such a resonance and such a genteel quality, it really enriches their sound and to me, sets the band apart from many of their contemporaries. Coupled with the band sounding much more confident and tighter than before and the reaction of everyone in attendance that the band has truly arrived and is one that won’t be a flash in the pan soon to be tossed out with the bathwater. After all, how can one discard a band who does a Portishead cover?  I think not!

Set List…

Farewell To The Fairground


To Lose My Life

From The Stars

Fifty On Our Foreheads

A Place To Hide


Nothing To Give

Unfinished Business

The Price Of Love

The Rip (Portishead, taken from “Third”)


we ain’t nothing but mammals…

Fancy Mammals

I dare say it’s not every day one comes across a band born, bred and based out of the great state of Connecticut. Oftentimes,  the more talented musicians play out enough times before realising their time is much better utilised by simply packing up shop and moving to New York to try their luck. I came across a simply wonderful new band via a MySpace friend request called Fancy Mammals…and they’re from Connecticut! Really!

Their new single Hold On definitely forced me to do a double-take. A rather brief tune clocking in at just under three minutes, the duo manages to stuff a great hook, some very slick production and a rhythm worthy to blast out of your car. Think of these guys as a bouncier sounding and infinitely more interesting version of The Postal Service.  The single is currently available on I-Tunes so don’t forget to pick it up!

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“Hold On” by Fancy Mammals

why aren’t these gents signed yet?

My love affair with the Dossier has been know for quite some time now if you’ve been keeping up. Their brand of  electro-pop is one that is both smart, snazzy and oh so dramtic. It’s a crime more people haven’t heard them. I’m doing my part by writing about them as often as humanly possible. Luckily the boys have something new to present in anticpation of the imminent release of their debut Strange Arrangements. Here is a remix of rumoured album track Tramps Like Us.

If you’re in the NYC area on Saturday 3 October, check them out live along with Electric Chariot, The Mystic Underground and the Glamourkings at Fontana’s.

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“Tramps Like Us Cash & Carry Mix” by The Dossier

parralox is back…

They came from the land down under with a brand new single and record. They would happen to be the fine electronic duo, Parralox. I should mention there is another new aspect to the band: A new singer. Exit stage left goes Roxy as we’re introduced to Amii who appears to be quite the femme fatale in the promotional film above the new single Hotter taken from the forthcoming second record entitled State Of Decay, due out 13 November via Conzoom.

What we have here in Hotter is a match made in heaven between razor-sharp production and an infectious groove with a simple hook to seal the deal. In other words, friends…this is a single and a very good one at that.  Here’s hoping the band make their way Stateside for some shows sometime in the near future.

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“Hotter” by Parralox, taken from the forthcoming Conzoom release, “State Of Decay”

make way for the diogenes club…

It’s always fun to open up my mailbox and find submissions from PR firms, artists, my mother… Every once in a while, something definitely piques my interest and I simply have to write about it.  Today’s mailbox winner comes to us from a band from Brighton (Hey Fatboy Slim!), England called The Diogenes Club.  Theirs is a more laid-back pop sound that almost reminds me a bit conceptually of an act like the Junior Boys or even early Phoenix although The Diogenes Club seems to make use of a wider sonic palette. Very melodic vocals add to the breezy and fluid vibe provided by the rich synthesizers. Simply put, it just flows… The featured track here called The Ageless offers a good idea of what the band is about. Definitely a band to check out when you want to cool down following a night at the club .

Hey. If you don’t want to take my word for it, Superstar DJ Pete Tong plays these guys on his BBC Radio 1 programme.  So do it up!

Check out the band’s new EP Do You Know How To Feel It? which is due for release 21 September via Urban Torque.

“The Ageless” from The Diogenes Club taken from the forthcoming Urban Torque release, “Do You Know How To Feel It”

The Diogenes Club on MySpace

getting to know…la roux!


“Yes it’s all false love and affection
You don’t want me
You just like the attention
Yes it’s all false love and affection
You don’t like me
You just want the attention”

On the day when the video for I’m Not Your Toy, the new single taken from the self-titled debut makes its way across the internets, it’s indeed a pleasure to present Elly Jackson from La Roux who was gracious enough to answer some questions about the band.

BS. From your debut on Kitsune to being poised to take over the US, how do you feel?

EJ. Mighty real

BS. Have you gotten your head around it all yet?

EJ. No. Tis one helluva head fuck

BS.  The record is great and it’s chock full of single-worthy songs. My personal favourites would be “Bulletproof” and “Colourless Colour”. What are your favourite songs? Ben’s?

EJ. I’m Not Your Toy is mine and In For The Kill is Ben’s

BS.  If you weren’t Elly Jackson, frontwoman of La Roux, you would be Elly Jackson the…?

EJ. Pervert

BS.  How did La Roux come about?

EJ. A mutual friend put us in touch 5 years ago.  Now we’re best mates and wouldn’t want to work with anyone else

BS.. What do you think of the UK music scene at the moment? Tell the truth. Are you and Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots) rivals? Give us some dirt!

BS.  Do you feel there’s a genuine electronic pop resurgence gaining traction at the moment? With you, Little Boots, Frankmusik amongst others putting out quality records this year, is electronic pop back?

EJ. Did it ever go away?

BS. Who’s on the La Roux playlist right now? Besides…erm…La Roux?! 🙂

EJ. Glass Candy, Magistrates, Maccabees, Bowie and Prince

BS. As you can tell from my blog, I’m a fan of the band. What don’t we know about Elly and Ben?

EJ. Ben Langmaid is not his real name. Its Len Bangmaid but the record label made him change it

BS. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

EJ. David bowie, Prince, Heaven 17

BS.  I love the hair! Please don’t even cut it! Have you seen any fans out on the road attempt to emulate the La Roux look?

EJ. We met

BS. Any last words?

EJ. Goodbye

“I’m Not Your Toy” by La Roux, taken from the Polydor release, “La Roux”