the return of robbie williams…

“God gave me the sunshine,
Then showed me my lifeline
I was told it was all mine,
Then I got laid on a ley line
What a day, what a day,
And your Jesus really died for me
Then Jesus really tried for me”

What would a great year in pop music be without a majestic return by one of its crown princes? Robbie Williams is back with a confident new single and it’s called Bodies. Nope. It sounds nothing like the Sex Pistols or Drowning Pool songs of the same name. Instead Bodies is a soaring tune that displays the brashness and the confidence (cockiness?) that we’ve come to love about Mr. Williams over the years equaled only by the similar grandiose production provided by all-timer, Trevor Horn.

The song is the lead-off track taken from the new record to be called Reality Killed The Video Star and will be released in the UK via EMI on 9 October. No word as yet on a US release date if there even will be one since his last couple, including the brilliant Rudebox never made their way to our shores.

I’m liking the track very much at the moment. Beginning with a bit of the good old “boom-bap” hip-hop progression, our hero chimes in with his typical bombast and snark that only Robbie can before the chorus comes in and we learn the glories of being naked and something or other.  It stands to reason this song and the album will be a hit in the UK as well as the rest of the world while the USA will once again give Robbie Williams the hand to the face. It’s a shame really as his brand of pop is exactly the kind of pop with balls that is sorely lacking Stateside these days. Justin Timberlake is nice and all but he’s…so safe and studied. We need more Robbie and his devilish, playful grins to go along with brand of artifice.

“Bodies” by Robbie Williams, taken from the forthcoming EMI release, “Reality Killed The Video Star”

Robbie Williams on Twitter
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PS. Robbie’s looking more and more Morrissey-esque as he gets older. Need proof? Look at the album sleeve! 🙂



  1. Love Robbie, so glad you posted it up 🙂

  2. from the first word to the last word……u’v got it right!!!! thanks….:)
    esp the JT thing 😀

    i hope RW will stick to his decision 2 albums ago not to have a US release…that would be a lot of pressure and loads of work for him….in uk alone he’s getting a lot of pressure…..

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