getting to know…erik hassle!

“I used to buy my time
I used to beat around the bush
I’d rather give my ego another push
I used to be a fool
It was a foolish game I played
And it’s a fool’s faith coming mistakes I made
Once I had it right it was all too late”

Above is the debut single from Swedish sensation Erik Hassle, the track is called Hurtful and it is a stellar piece of work melodically as well as lyrically. I posted it since the song served as Erik’s baptism into the pop music world, it would also serve as the prelude to my interview with the talented and enthusiastic pop singer! So without further adieu…
BS. If you weren’t Erik Hassle the artist, what would you be doing?

EH. I would probably struggle to become Erik Hassle the artist, and work part time at the restaurant where I use to work before my life turned funny.

BS.  Describe yourself as an artist? What is your record going to tell us about Erik Hassle?

EH. I am a singer and a songwriting-musician wannabe. I would say singing is my main instrument, because I have to struggle a lot more writing and playing then singing. that I obviously have a lot of problems getting that crazy little thing together.

BS.  What was the first record you ever purchased?

EH. A best of CD from a Swedish punk rock band called Ebba Grön”

BS. Who was your favourite artist? Songwriting influence?

EH. I have so many different influences, The first 17 years of my life was a lot about soul. Artists like Wilson Pickett, Sly & the Family Stone and Otis Redding has always been role models for me singing-wise and the emotions in their voices has always had an attractive force on me. Then a few years ago I got to know a couple of guys in Stockholm who ever since has been my most important influences and we started to make pop songs together. It was a big challenge for me learning how to actually deliver a pop melody but not letting my soul side of it slip away. But I’m also inspired by some more pop rock music as well. Coldplay,The Killers and Depeche Mode are some of them.

BS.  You’re getting your feet wet playing bigger shows in Europe. Are you looking forward to making a splash in the USA?

EH. Yeah. For sure. I really enjoy being in the States and would like to live over there for a while too. The country I reckon would take some time to discover as it is ridiculously big but I wouldn’t mind at all starting out in New York.

BS.  What’s your take on the Swedish music scene? With artists like Annie, The Knife, Fever Ray and Robyn, it’s safe to say the Swedes understand and appreciate the concept of classic pop music. Any ideas on why that is?

EH. I talked about this with a friend recently and he had a good point that music always has been a compulsory part of the education in school. Everybody has the chance to learn how to play an instrument. Also you know six months of the year it is really cold in Sweden and the sun basically never goes up. You have to make yourself a creative environment to survive that shit.

BS. What is your favourite song on the record?

EH. Right now it’s probably The Thanks I Get. It’s usually our last song live and we have made it longer so we get to really mess it up for a few minutes at the end of our shows.

BS.  What’s more important to you as an artist? Writing a classic pop single or a classic record?

EH. Writing a classic record with a lot of classic singles on it would be satisfying. I’m not sure if a debut album today could become a “classic” without a kick off single so an album would be my answer.

BS.  Are there any artists that you would love to work with in the near future?

EH. Prince and Paul McCartney are always welcome to have coffee in my apartment. I would love to collaborate with another artist when the time is right.

BS.  Any last words?

EH. God jul och gott nytt år. Vi ses snart.

“Hurtful” by Erik Hassle taken from the release, “Hassle”



  1. Well done!

    • Thank you, kind sir. It means a lot to me!


  2. Good Day,

    I realised you followed me on Twitter. I thank you for that. Your blog is awesome and great interview with Erik Hassle as well.

    Do you mind me linking up your blog on my blog?


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