never been closer to heaven…


This past Saturday night was one that I must say I truly will never forget. Atlantic City. The House of Blues in the Showboat Casino. I and my dear friend, Marilyn were there to witness the spectacle that are the Pet Shop Boys as they continued on their Pandemonium tour in support of the brilliant record Yes. The anticipation was ungodly as we in the audience were cruelly left to stare into space as the opening DJs alternated between deep house grooves and new wave.  Things didn’t get any better as after the DJ’s concluded their sets as there was another interminable wait.  Luckily according to the band, they were being delayed by technical issues. Good thing for Twitter otherwise who knows what may have went down.


After another five minutes, the lights dimmed and two figures appeared from the set made up of large cubes. The cubes lit up in a glorious array of colours. A true sight to behold. The two figures walked over to the keyboard and the music began to play. It was Heart! On came Neil and Chris as they were greeted to deafening applause from the fans and the excitement lasted throughout the entire set.

It was a testament to the band’s longevity and their catalogue that every single performed was one that immediately harnessed a sense of revelation and joy through the entire audience. No one stood still. Dancing was contagious as the duo focused on Yes early in the set as well as the debut album Please. The latter was truly a highlight for me as this is still a timeless record that deserves to be unearthed once again. Songs such as Two Divided By Zero, Why Don’t We Live Together, Suburbia and a certain song that shall remain nameless only added to what was a spectacular evening of sound and vision.


Set List:
Did You See Me Coming
Can You Forgive Her
Love Etc
Building A Wall
Go West mashed up to Paninaro
Two Divided By Zero
Why Don’t We Live Together
Always On My Mind
New York City Boy
Closer To Heaven
Left To My Own Devices
Do I Have To
King’s Cross
The Way It Used To Be
All Over The World
Se A Vida E
Viva La Vida (Yup! They covered Coldplay!)
It’s A Sin
Being Boring
…A certain debut single…

Simply put, the Boys know how to put on a great show. The dancers were amazing especially during Jealousy where a spirited dance featuring the male dancer being flung from a mountain of cubes during a rage-filled “quarrel” with his mate. A cover of Viva La Vida by Coldplay was great to hear as the duo have always been masters of the cover song.

A breathtaking set design. Classic songs. A great show by an all time classic group.
Thank you, Neil & Chris.


  1. I had the best time ever, Billy. One of the best shows I’ve been to for sure. The Pet Shop Boys are legends – still relevant and wonderful today!

  2. […] the Pet Shop Boys at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on Sunday with my good friend Billy Suede. Go check out his blog post which includes the setlist and pictures taken on his […]

  3. Saw them last go round at Hard Rock in Orlando. I had a balcony seat (not realizing you could get the general admission on the floor). C’est la vie. Had a blast though and am totally jealous you went and I did not this time! LOL

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