the editors return…

“Darling just don´t put down your guns yet
If there really was a god here
He´d have raised a hand by now
Darling you were born get old and die here
Well that´s quite enough for me too
We´ll find our own home somehow”

Granted it will only have been roughly two years since the release of An End Has A Start, it made me smile to no end to discover the new brand new offering by, in my opinion, one of the more criminally underrated of the new new wave bands.  Birmingham’s Editors are set to release their brand new record entitled In This Light and On This Evening on the 13th of October via Kitchenware in the UK. The first single off the record is sure to become a live favourite and is already becoming one of my favourite songs from the band and it’s called Papllion.

It takes the ever-evolving dark post-punk sound the band has been honing since their 2005 debut The Back Room and applies a more raw and futuristic sheen through the increased use of synthesizers. This should not really come as a surprise as singer Tom Smith stated in interviews that the band in writing their new songs had become very influenced in making a record that evoked the sound of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Listening to Papillon for the first time, I must admit Blade Runner wasn’t the first time that came to my mind. I had almost done a double take upon hearing the lead synths and thought of the band VNV Nation and their anthemic industrial pop.  Needless to say, this did not detract from my going goo-goo over this track.

Who says post-punk is dead?

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“Papillon” by Editors taken from the forthcoming Kitchenware release, “In This Light and On This Evening”


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  1. Definitely looking forward to the new Editors album. Their first album was one of my favorites that year. I like the new sound as well.

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