make way for the diogenes club…

It’s always fun to open up my mailbox and find submissions from PR firms, artists, my mother… Every once in a while, something definitely piques my interest and I simply have to write about it.  Today’s mailbox winner comes to us from a band from Brighton (Hey Fatboy Slim!), England called The Diogenes Club.  Theirs is a more laid-back pop sound that almost reminds me a bit conceptually of an act like the Junior Boys or even early Phoenix although The Diogenes Club seems to make use of a wider sonic palette. Very melodic vocals add to the breezy and fluid vibe provided by the rich synthesizers. Simply put, it just flows… The featured track here called The Ageless offers a good idea of what the band is about. Definitely a band to check out when you want to cool down following a night at the club .

Hey. If you don’t want to take my word for it, Superstar DJ Pete Tong plays these guys on his BBC Radio 1 programme.  So do it up!

Check out the band’s new EP Do You Know How To Feel It? which is due for release 21 September via Urban Torque.

“The Ageless” from The Diogenes Club taken from the forthcoming Urban Torque release, “Do You Know How To Feel It”

The Diogenes Club on MySpace


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