who says nyc hip hop is dead…?


It’s the return…of one of New York’s finest. It’s been a long time. A really long time since we last heard from Anti-Pop Consortium, the seminal art-rap trio long considered one of our fair city’s underground treasures since their formation in 1997. A slew of singles and four full-length records, most notably 2000’s Tragic Epilogue & 2002’s underground classic Arrythmia, found their way into the consciousness of discerning hip-hop and indie fans. They would find themselves being admired by the likes of Radiohead which resulted in APC being tabbed to open for them during the European leg of the Amnesiac tour in 2001. Unfortunately as the group were in their ascendancy, personal differences tore at the brittle fibers of the music and the band broke up in 2003 as their final record, the collaboration with Matthew Shipp was released. Many, including yours truly, were heart-broken as it seemed just when we had a band to help guide us through the morass that had been the current state of hip-hop in those days, they fell victim to their own inability to work through internal issues.

Welp…fast forward to 2009. Scroll back up and check out the pics. That was APC last night at their record release party for the new record Fluorescent Black released Tuesday via Big Dada. Yup. It’s true. M. Sayyid, Earl Blaize, Beans and High Priest together on stage again wowing the capacity crowd at Santo’s Party House with their blend of mind-bending beats, staccato raps and peerless interplay made mince-meat of everyone in attendance. The group was clearly revelling in their element and looked like they clearly did not want to get off the stage when their set was over.  It’s great to have them back and hip-hop is the better for it.

We need to kill the soap scum!

Anti-Pop Consortium on MySpace
Anti-Pop Consortium on Twitter

“Volcano” by Anti-Pop Consortium taken from the Big Dada release, “Fluorescent Black”


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