i really doubt this is it…

What else needs to be said about the King of Pop that hasn’t already been said by people much smarter and/or dumber than myself? He was the greatest entertainer I’ve ever seen and probably ever will see. Say what you will about the decline in the quality of his material over the last few years but what cannot be denied is that a new Michael Jackson record was a worldwide event the likes that the rapidity of the internet and the 24 hour news cycles couldn’t even create.

To promote the release of the movie This Is It, Epic has released the first fruits of what will be a seemingly endless ransacking of every second of unreleased demo and rarity from the Jackson vaults. Every gurgle and cough. Every unfinished and barely begun song Jacko ever recorded will be released to allow the cash grab memory of Michael Jackson to prosper. The new single This Is It is here. It’s a rather mellow piece to be sure. Not exactly the kind of song one would pick to promote a film but hey, this is why the suits at Epic make the big bucks to figure this stuff out. What do we think?

“This Is It” by Michael Jackson


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