these guys can’t get huge fast enough…

It’s a good time to live in the Brooklyn area these days. A wealth of talent just seems to be springing up from every crack in the pavement from Bushwick to Red Hook to ’round the corner from the Kellogg’s Diner in my dear Williamsburg. There just seems to be a new solid local band doing their thing and better than most that have come down the pike. This is especially true in the electro genre. The rest of New York City better step its game up because right now BK is the spot thanks in no small part to bands like Infernal Devices.

This Brooklyn duo writes ab fab electronic pop ditties that are both danceable and head-boppers. Theirs is a sound that is rooted in 80s electro but is also bursting at the seams with classic songwriting sensibility. The song featured here called Fast Enough illustrates their sound to a T. Put this bad boy on in dimly lit room or dance floor, close your eyes and let your body sway. Almost as if it were the result of a mix of Technique-era New Order and Kavinsky fronted by Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys, Fast Enough has already found itself burrowing a hole in my head for the next month. Not like it’s a bad thing, mind you.

If you find yourself loving this song as much as I do, It needn’t be said that I had better see you at their next gig which is next Wednesday the 21st at Union Pool in Williamsburg as the Devices play the CMJ Music Festival.  Word.

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“Fast Enough” by Infernal Devices

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