every little earthquake…

“How many countless nights
I try me best to hide
Soon as you slam the door
My tears fall to the floor
I know that people change
Maybe your not to blame
But must you burn a hole
So deep into my soul

Oh dear Victoria. You really shouldn’t have! They say the third time’s the charm and I dare say that old axiom does indeed ting true yet again. Now I know that Remedy made it into the UK Top Ten. I know how irresistible and glamtastic the song is but It must be said that deep in the cockles of my heart I was hoping against hope that at least one of two fave tracks from Hands would indeed be released as a single. My prayers have been answered and here’s Earthquake! The second track on the record but first in our hearts has made its way to the charts and a clear ascent is to be expected for such a wonderful song.

Lyrically we find our heroine telling us a tale about the tug-of-war that is a relationship when things start going sour and how delicate a task it is to rekindle the flame. I know what you’re thinking. Gee. Nothing new there. I would say you would right but since it’s Little Boots and she is so cute delivering the lyrics in the video and in the song that you simply have to let it slide. Isn’t that what pop music is all about?

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“Earthquake” by Little Boots, taken from the 679 release, “Hands”


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  1. Easily the best video from her so far too. This song is very Little Boots, if that makes sense? It’s the sort of stuff I was excited about Little Boots doing from the start.

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