who stole your heart in 2009?

Yes friends. The time is nearly upon us. 2009 definitely came and went pretty qucikly, wouldn’t you say? It began with such promise and I dare say to this point, it really has been the best year for music that I can remember in quite a while. That said, it’s about the time when all of us music geeks start looking over our I-Tunes libraries and cd collections and pick out the records that made our hair stand on end over the past year. I’ve got a few records that immediately come to mind and I’m sure those of you who have paid attention have a pretty good idea as to which ones those are.

I plan on doing a best of list very soon but I’m also interested in hearing from all of you, my dear friends. Let’s make things interesting, shall we? I’m interested in doing a readers’ best of. Go ahead and send me your top 20 records of the year between now and December 1st. I will tally up the submissions and post the final poll when I post mine. Do it up and it should be lots of fun.

A word to the wise. Any votes for Lady Gaga will immediately be disallowed as will the rest of your submission. There has to be some quality control here. 🙂


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  1. You know, the only album that comes to mind is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, It’s Blitz. Is that sad? I think that’s sad.

    It was kind of a dry spell for me. PJ Harvey & John Parrish was kind of a bust, except for the first track on the album.

    Let’s do worst albums instead. I’ll go first: U2.

    What do I win?!

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