who is billy suede?

question: who the heck are you and why should i care?

answer: that’s two questions but i’ll let you slide. my name is billy suede and i am simply a boy who spent much too much time laying on the carpet as a child watching video programmes for what seemed like hours after school and on saturday mornings. this prepared me for a life in the constant pursuit of the perfect sound, the perfect phrase and the perfect lyric. this journal is a humble attempt on my part to catalogue my advenures and share them with whomever would like to read them. 

does this answer your question?


question: you’ve got my stuff up on your page and didn’t ask my permission! what gives?!

answer: oh dear…no need to shout. we’re all friends here.  in the interests of spreading the joy of music all over, i may have overstepped my bounds a wee bit. if that is the case, please accept my humble apologies. simply email me at billysuederox at gmail dot com and i will remove the offending link(s) posthaste!


question: what if i want to submit something to the blog? can you make me famous?

answer: while it definitely is noble to be idealistic and ambitious, i doubt my humble space on the blogosphere will be the key to achieving your musical endeavours. that said, if you’d like to submit some music for feature, please send it to billysuederox at gmail dot com and i’ll be glad to give it a listen!


  1. HI

    Nicely blogged, maybe you will like this:

    paqman – One Mother

    we wrote it.
    we would love for you to hear it.



  2. […] articles. Tags: editors, papillon trackback the boy with the thorn in his side (ok his name is billy suede) wrote about it: the editors […]

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