a direct hit. there’s gold in them thar hills…

Brand spankin’ new band alert! It’s yet another brilliant electronic pop band out of London. This one goes by the name of Monarchy and they are quite good! Very good, in fact. Not much info is known of the band although I’m sure that will soon change as their name gets bandied about more and more throughout the blogosphere. Their first shot into our consciousness comes to us in the form of Gold In The Fire. It’s quite grand really. To me, the song is very reminiscent of some of the more obscure indie electronic pop coming out of Sweden in the late 90s through the early 00’s. Very relaxed feel and something you can snap your fingers to. I’m expecting good things about this band. Keep a look out for these guys.

Monarchy on MySpace
Monarchy on Twitter

“Gold In The Fire” by Monarchy

a direct hit. “sweet disposition”…now with extra sweetener!

Another one straight from the mailbag! By now, it’s safe to say that you all have heard the glorious sounds of the Temper Trap and their single Sweet Disposition. Allow me to present a pretty luscious remix done by Brooklyn’s own Alan Wilkis. A little less fist-pumping and a little more booty-shaking is the order of the day here. What I like so much about this remix is that it retains the integrity of the song. The original progression of the song including lyrics remains the same, Alan simply does a fine job of fitting the original into some newer and sharper threads. Recommended!

Don’t forget! The Temper Trap is playing CMJ this year as part of the Blue Showers Showcase w/ Golden Slivers, Mumford & Sons and Goldhawks at the Music Hall of Williamsburg 22 October! The debut record Conditions is out tomorrow via Glassnote!

Alan Wilkis on MySpace

Alan Wilkis on Twitter

“Sweet Disposition” (Alan Wilkis Remix)

a direct hit: spiral into the storm.

A quick hit for you.  I’m sure you all remember how much I loved the new non-album single from the Friendly Fires called Kiss Of Life? You could imagine my joy when I took a gander at my inbox and found a submission by a talented artist from Toronto named Will who operates under the name Spiral Into The Storm. Will has taken it upon himself to take this smashing single and turn it on his side, give it a smackdown and add some kick in the pants. It’s a well-done remix and one I thought you guys might like to hear so have at it. Good job, Will!

“Kiss Of Life” (Spiral Into The Storm RMX) by Spiral Into The Storm

Spiral Into The Storm Website