the editors us bound. finally…

January 19 will be the date. It will only be roughly four months from the UK release date but who’s counting. The Editors’ new record In This Light And On This Evening will finally reach our shores via the FADER label. Of course, there are those who decided to give the finger to the archaic territorial release date nonsense and downloaded it or bought it as an import…like me. Those who haven’t and decided to wait, let me simply tell you it is worth the wait. The record is solid as solid comes. Editors with an electro twist and the anthems are still abound!

What’s even better is the news that the band will come Stateside in February for a tour. Needless to say, it’s a show you don’t want to miss if they are in your town. Here are the dates!

Seattle, WA Showbox At The Market (February 5)

Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom (6)
San Francisco, CA The Warfield Theatre (8)
San Diego, CA House of Blues (9)
Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern (11)
Denver, CO Ogden Theatre (13)
Chicago, IL Victoria Theatre (15)
Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre (16)
Boston, MA House of Blues (18)
New York, NY Terminal 5 (19)
Philadelphia, PA Trocadero (20)
Washington, DC 9:30 Club (21)

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there’s something in the water in manchester…

“Late at night, I’ll run through the streets and empty corridors.
I’ll find my counterpoint, inside a red room locked behind a door. Behind a door”

I mean, really. It simply is not fair. There must be more musical talent in Manchester, England than the whole US eastern seaboard. You know the names that have come out of that town from the past and the present so I won’t waste your time here. This post’s aim is to add another name to the Mancunian legend. Today I bring you Delphic! A talented quartet whose sound aims to bring back the point in trance music by bringing it back to basics. To be more specific, theirs is a sound that simply reduce the trance form down to its most basic element: a song. They take it from there with that mindset and create something very pure and very enticing to the listener.

This is quite evident here in the song featured here which is their debut single entited Counterpoint. It’s a song Paul Van Dyk could have written if he focused more on songwriting instead of his grandiose epic journeys. It really is a beautiful song to say the least. The production is right on. The arpeggios. The pristine drums… I could go on but you simply have to listen for yourself!

The band’s debut record Acolyte is due to hit stores in January via Polydor. It’s a safe bet this will be a early highlight of the year in music 2010.

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“Counterpoint (Live in Amsterdam 19.02.2009)” by Delphic. Original version featured on forthcoming Polydor release, “Acolyte”

la roux’s winter wonderland…


La Roux. Ben and Elly. Winter 2010. Tour.

Need I say more?

1/31/10 Boston,MA @ Paradise Rock Club
2/1/10 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
2/3/10 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
2/5/10 Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
2/6/10 Ottawa, ON @ Capital
2/9/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Voyeurs
2/10/10 Washington, DC @ 930
2/11/10 New York, NY @ Webster Hall
I am so there at Webster Hall. Will you be there?

who says nyc hip hop is dead…?


It’s the return…of one of New York’s finest. It’s been a long time. A really long time since we last heard from Anti-Pop Consortium, the seminal art-rap trio long considered one of our fair city’s underground treasures since their formation in 1997. A slew of singles and four full-length records, most notably 2000’s Tragic Epilogue & 2002’s underground classic Arrythmia, found their way into the consciousness of discerning hip-hop and indie fans. They would find themselves being admired by the likes of Radiohead which resulted in APC being tabbed to open for them during the European leg of the Amnesiac tour in 2001. Unfortunately as the group were in their ascendancy, personal differences tore at the brittle fibers of the music and the band broke up in 2003 as their final record, the collaboration with Matthew Shipp was released. Many, including yours truly, were heart-broken as it seemed just when we had a band to help guide us through the morass that had been the current state of hip-hop in those days, they fell victim to their own inability to work through internal issues.

Welp…fast forward to 2009. Scroll back up and check out the pics. That was APC last night at their record release party for the new record Fluorescent Black released Tuesday via Big Dada. Yup. It’s true. M. Sayyid, Earl Blaize, Beans and High Priest together on stage again wowing the capacity crowd at Santo’s Party House with their blend of mind-bending beats, staccato raps and peerless interplay made mince-meat of everyone in attendance. The group was clearly revelling in their element and looked like they clearly did not want to get off the stage when their set was over.  It’s great to have them back and hip-hop is the better for it.

We need to kill the soap scum!

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“Volcano” by Anti-Pop Consortium taken from the Big Dada release, “Fluorescent Black”

white lies webster hall 25.09.2009

white lies 2

So there I was at good old Webster Hall, the site where I came of age as a wee young lad dancing to house and techno music under the lights. I marveled at all at my fellow club-goers, the club kids in their beautiful outfits and outrageous antics… Those were the days…but I digress.  White Lies returned to the Big Apple and brought their brooding dark post-punk missives with them. The first time I saw them was at the Bowery Ballroom along with the Soft Pack and Friendly Fires. The band put on a solid set that was tempered a bit by Harry McVeigh having throat problems. He valiantly gave it a go but his voice was considerably weak.

That was most definitely not the case Friday night at Webster Hall. I came late to the venue so unfortunately I was only able to catch the latter part of the set by openers, Violens. What I did hear was very promising indeed and I’ll make it a point to see them again. Soon after 9pm, the band hit the stage. The first thing I noticed was that the band definitely stepped up their game and immediately began with Farewell To The Fairground, one of my personal favourites from the self-titled debut record. The audience had already reached fever pitch before in anticpation for the band to get on the stage and from the first song, one could literally feel the floor shake. For a band whose record really didn’t bother the US charts, it’s plain to see White Lies has already garnered themselves a dedicated fanbase who passionately sang every word to every song in the 12 song set.

Any concerns over Harry McVeigh’s voice were quickly quelled as he was able to remind us again why he’s got the most expressive voice in indie rock right now in Fifty On Our Foreheads and A Place To Hide. His voice possesses such a resonance and such a genteel quality, it really enriches their sound and to me, sets the band apart from many of their contemporaries. Coupled with the band sounding much more confident and tighter than before and the reaction of everyone in attendance that the band has truly arrived and is one that won’t be a flash in the pan soon to be tossed out with the bathwater. After all, how can one discard a band who does a Portishead cover?  I think not!

Set List…

Farewell To The Fairground


To Lose My Life

From The Stars

Fifty On Our Foreheads

A Place To Hide


Nothing To Give

Unfinished Business

The Price Of Love

The Rip (Portishead, taken from “Third”)


why aren’t these gents signed yet?

My love affair with the Dossier has been know for quite some time now if you’ve been keeping up. Their brand of  electro-pop is one that is both smart, snazzy and oh so dramtic. It’s a crime more people haven’t heard them. I’m doing my part by writing about them as often as humanly possible. Luckily the boys have something new to present in anticpation of the imminent release of their debut Strange Arrangements. Here is a remix of rumoured album track Tramps Like Us.

If you’re in the NYC area on Saturday 3 October, check them out live along with Electric Chariot, The Mystic Underground and the Glamourkings at Fontana’s.

The Dossier on MySpace

“Tramps Like Us Cash & Carry Mix” by The Dossier

never been closer to heaven…


This past Saturday night was one that I must say I truly will never forget. Atlantic City. The House of Blues in the Showboat Casino. I and my dear friend, Marilyn were there to witness the spectacle that are the Pet Shop Boys as they continued on their Pandemonium tour in support of the brilliant record Yes. The anticipation was ungodly as we in the audience were cruelly left to stare into space as the opening DJs alternated between deep house grooves and new wave.  Things didn’t get any better as after the DJ’s concluded their sets as there was another interminable wait.  Luckily according to the band, they were being delayed by technical issues. Good thing for Twitter otherwise who knows what may have went down.


After another five minutes, the lights dimmed and two figures appeared from the set made up of large cubes. The cubes lit up in a glorious array of colours. A true sight to behold. The two figures walked over to the keyboard and the music began to play. It was Heart! On came Neil and Chris as they were greeted to deafening applause from the fans and the excitement lasted throughout the entire set.

It was a testament to the band’s longevity and their catalogue that every single performed was one that immediately harnessed a sense of revelation and joy through the entire audience. No one stood still. Dancing was contagious as the duo focused on Yes early in the set as well as the debut album Please. The latter was truly a highlight for me as this is still a timeless record that deserves to be unearthed once again. Songs such as Two Divided By Zero, Why Don’t We Live Together, Suburbia and a certain song that shall remain nameless only added to what was a spectacular evening of sound and vision.


Set List:
Did You See Me Coming
Can You Forgive Her
Love Etc
Building A Wall
Go West mashed up to Paninaro
Two Divided By Zero
Why Don’t We Live Together
Always On My Mind
New York City Boy
Closer To Heaven
Left To My Own Devices
Do I Have To
King’s Cross
The Way It Used To Be
All Over The World
Se A Vida E
Viva La Vida (Yup! They covered Coldplay!)
It’s A Sin
Being Boring
…A certain debut single…

Simply put, the Boys know how to put on a great show. The dancers were amazing especially during Jealousy where a spirited dance featuring the male dancer being flung from a mountain of cubes during a rage-filled “quarrel” with his mate. A cover of Viva La Vida by Coldplay was great to hear as the duo have always been masters of the cover song.

A breathtaking set design. Classic songs. A great show by an all time classic group.
Thank you, Neil & Chris.