i’ll sign up for these clinical trials…

Clinical Trials

I think it’s fair to say that I love my city and have no problems representing it when at all possible. What makes it so much easier is when there is such a treasure trove of artistry that constantly replenishes itself. One such example is a new band called Clinical Trials fronted by one Somer Bingham who, in my humble opinion, has got the goods and then some.

Very little in music excites me than a fiery vocals coming from a bad girl. Think Polly Jean Harvey, Joan Jett, etc. That sense of angst, so true, so guttural can often draw you in and make the listener feel her presence, her pain, her desires. We have that here in spades as evidenced by the two tracks Somer was gracious to send me in Polly Got Away and Disco Headphones.   Both songs show Ms. Bingham’s versatility veering from a sultry purr to a mighty wail that would make Ms. Harvey do a double-take.

So there you have it, friends. Listen to your heart’s content and remember the name. Go to their MySpace.

“Polly Got Away”, from the forthcoming release, “In The Wake Of The Digital Afterlife”

“Disco Headphones” from the release, “In The Wake Of The Digital Afterlife”


what have i missed?

Ok children… Since i was away, many things have taken place and some great music has been released. The UK releases of the brilliant La Roux and Little Boots records, the Placebo record, Kasabian, etc… I now put it to you. What have I missed? Trust me I know all about the Michael Jackson fiasco and I’m not counting that. What have you all been grooving to? Anything coming down the pipeline that’s got your goat?

Keeping with the topic at hand, here are the Mercury Prize nominees:

Bat For Lashes – ‘Two Suns’
Florence And The Machine – ‘Lungs’
Friendly Fires – ‘Friendly Fires’
Glasvegas – ‘Glasvegas’
The Horrors – ‘Primary Colours’
La Roux – ‘La Roux’
Led Bib – ‘Sensible Shoes’
The Invisible – ‘The Invisible’
Lisa Hannigan – ‘Sea Sew’
Kasabian – ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’
Speech Debelle – ‘Speech Therapy’
Sweet Billy Pilgrim – ‘Twice Born Men’

Ummm…where is the White Lies record? Out of this list, I’d take La Roux or Kasabian but it’ll probably be Florence & The Machine. Thoughts?

missing in action…

Hello Suede-heads!

It’s been a long while now since my last post. Where have I been? Alas, I have been without internet access the last week or so. It appears that I’m one of those people who are apparently still living in 2003 and still does not own a laptop. This being the case I am relegated to making use of the local internet cafes. How quaint! At any rate, I wanted to let you all know that the site is not dead and neither am I, your humble servant. I will be back very soon with some quality melodic goodness. Until then…


the boys have done it again…

“You don’t have to be in Who’s Who to know what’s what
You don’t have to be a high flier to catch your slot
The night we met was cold and wet
I needed a drink or two
I saw you standing there and I knew
I’d like to be loved by you”

As we move on to single number two from Yes, we find it to be one of the more obvious choices to be a single: the gorgeous and incredibly poptastic Did You See Me Coming. Easily one of my favourites from what is quickly becoming one of my favourite all time PSB records. The video, to be quite honest, is really nothing to write home about as we find our heroes performing close together in front of a series of scrollingblack and white images. Nothing truly spectacular here. Spike Jonze, Hype Williams or Michel Gondry must have been busy so it’s plain to see the video is all about the song itself as well it should. The funny thing is the concept for the video seems very familiar to me. In fact, it’s very reminiscent of a video the PSB have done before…like from Fundamental

Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I just dreaming?

yes. this is the real deal right here…

Apparently someone called the cops and Youtube had to take down the link for the brand spankin’ new Pet Shop Boys single Love Etc. I was pretty bummed. I took some good natured ribbing but I have prevailed! Friends, below is the song in all its glory. A rip-roaring, whimsical tune that is less Xenomania-influenced than one would guess considering the collaborator. In it, our dear boy Neil tells us what’s really important in life. Not the car, the big house or being a big star. You need more…you need love.

I think we’ve all felt that way from time to time…

“Love Etc” by the Pet Shop Boys, taken from the forthcoming Parlophone release, “Yes”


Figures that once word was leaked…someone called in the cops. The link for “Love, Etc” is dead but fear not, friends, for I will prevail. More to come!

st patty & the courteeners? kiss me, i’m irish!

Errr…not quite. I am going to see The Courteeners at the Mercury Lounge on St Patty’s Day as they warm up for their dates with the almighty Moz! Anyone going?