merry christmas from chris and neil…

“It’s something
That look in your eyes tonight
Like magic
it’s changing everything in sight
I hear it
all around me every day
in the music that you play”

The new EP from the Pet Shop Boys is out tomorrow via Astralwerks. I can hardly wait! To celebrate the release, Parlophone presents with a promotional video of All Over The World with footage from the recent Pandemonium tour. A brilliant song from a brilliant record. Enjoy!


a preview of the new record? why yes…

We’re close. Real close to the release of Yes, the tenth studio album by Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe aka the Pet Shop Boys. You’ve heard Love Etc. You saw them prove why they deserved their Outstanding Contribution To Music Award at the BRITS and you saw the video. Now, at long last there is now a free preview of the record available on ITunes. Upon first listen to the snippets I can say for sure that is going to be yet another winner from arguably two of the best songwriters in the last half century. They’ve been that good and that consistent for nearly 30 years and Yes certainly appears that it will do nothing but further enhance their legacy. 

It goes without saying that Love Etc is a simply a goldmine but I’m also pretty keen on All Over The World which would fit quite nicely on 1996’s Bilingual record. To be a complete fanboy, I’ll simply say that I’m really loving all the tracks so far. Post your thoughts and we can compare notes! 🙂