now playing…

“hello to you hello to me
yeah i really care
i’ll see you all around sometime
i hope that i’m not there
today’s news is yesterday’s news
you don’t remember you forget
that’s the way the stories all go”

Here I am sitting at my desk thinking about what to pontificate about when it dawned on me. Since I listen to music just about every chance I can (which seems to be all the time), I should talk about a song that’s got me all doe-eyed at the present time. Right now, that song would be Goodbye by the one and only Psychedelic Furs. Easily one of my top five favourite songs from an all-time great band.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is about this song that makes me swoon. The saxophone? The perfect unison between Tim Butler’s bass and Vince Ely’s drumming? Richard Butler’s Bowie/Rotten lovechild-esque vocals are always a given so that element doesn’t count. Maybe it’s simply the way simply comes together to form an underrated new wave classic. What’s more Goodbye follows the seminal 80s classic Love My Way on what is my favourite Furs record, the Todd Rundgren-produced Forever Now. What better way to follow up such a timeless single than with an absolute stomper such as this?

I think I’m going to listen to this again…

“Goodbye (Dance Mix)”, taken from the Columbia release, “Here Came The Psychedelic Furs”


the return of major tom…

It stands to reason that David Bowie needs no introduction in terms of his importance to popular music. That said, unless you’ve been in a bomb shelter the last 40 years or your name is Avril Lavigne then you realize that the Thin White Duke has had his finger in infiltrating the hearts and minds of millions of young starmen and women and made it cool for young boys to rock mullets and make-up.

When you’re an icon like Bowie who’s enjoyed the fortunes of a staggering legacy, it is indeed cause for celebration when a classic record like the incomparable Space Oddity gets the reissue treatment. Yes, I know, there was already the Ryko and the Virgin reissues done. Forget all that! We now have the 40th Anniversary Edition to behold and cherish!  It’s out in October and is a 2-disc set including the original version of the record as initially released back in 1969.

CD 1:
01 – Space Oddity (5.14)
02 – Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed (inc. Don’t Sit Down) (6.51)
03 – Letter To Hermione (2.32)
04 – Cygnet Committee (9.31)
05 – Janine (3.21)
06 – An Occasional Dream (2.54)
07 – Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (4.46)
08 – God Knows I’m Good (3.17)
09 – Memory Of A Free Festival (7.09)

CD 2:
01 – Space Oddity (demo) (5.10) *
02 – An Occasional Dream (demo) (2.49) *
03 – Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (single B-side with spoken intro) (4.56)
04 – Brian Matthew interviews David/Let Me Sleep Beside You (BBC Radio session D.L.T. Show) (4.45)
05 – Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed (BBC Radio session D.L.T. Show) (3.54) *
06 – Janine (BBC Radio session: D.L.T. Show) (3.02)
07 – London Bye Ta-Ta (stereo version) (3.12)
08 – Prettiest Star (stereo version) (3.12)
09 – Conversation Piece (stereo version) (3.06) *
10 – Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1) (single A-side) (4.01)
11 – Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2) (single B-side) (3.30)
12 – Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (alternate album mix) (4.45) *
13 – Memory Of A Free Festival (alternate album mix) (9.22) *
14 – London Bye Ta-Ta (alternate stereo mix) (2.34) *
15 – Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola (full length stereo version) (5.14)

“Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud”, by David Bowie, taken from the Mercury release, “Space Oddity”