something is most definitely NOT rotten in denmark…

“You’re undercover
My secret lover
You’re what I need
My bullet’s in the gun”

With everyone having 80s fever these days, you knew it was only a matter of time before we would start hearing the return of the 80s urban sound to the fold. What wasn’t expected was that it would come from a certain trio from Denmark of all places? With a sound that brings to mind the blue-eyed soul of Scritti Politti and an ultra-slick video replete with beautiful video that would make George Michael stand and applaud, May I bring you Private!

My Secret Lover was originally released in 2007 through the Swedish label, Labrador and was given heaps of praise throughout Scandinavia. The band was also being championed by esteemed blogger, Arjan Writes for what seemed like forever. It seemed the band either couldn’t get the proper backing or the greater public simply wasn’t ready for this Danish band but luckily it appears they’ve gotten a new lease on life. The band is ready to give the second chance this time with the help of Relentless/Virgin and hopefully My Secret Lover will find the audience it truly deserves.

It’s a hard song not to fall heads over heels for.  Perfect for clubs where you sit at booths to ogle and be ogled at. It’s pretty much the kind of song that Green Gartside of Scritti Politti would have sounded great singing himself with a kick in the pants and an even slicker sound backing him. These guys are good…

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“My Secret Lover” by Private.


introducing…spleen united!

“The city really loves you, baby
But the city never really does
The feeling of corruption stays and
And, then you think about the things you’ve lost”

Their sound has been described as “a rock version of Underworld” and reminds listeners of acts such as Cut Copy and Depeche Mode. Upon reading that, I had to take a listen to this track by the pride of Denmark, Spleen United.  I must say I was rather impressed and can hear the Underworld influence in the track called Suburbia. To me, the influence manifests itself not only in the sound but the overall attitude of the song. It simply jumps out at you and doesn’t let go.

The single was just released last week and appears on the band’s new record entitled Neanderthal which was originally released last February but appears to be getting the reissue treatment to a wider audience. A good thing to be sure because I like what I hear from these boys and they deserve to have more people hear them.

Spleen United on MySpace

“Suburbia” by Spleen United, taken from the Popantipop release, “Neanderthal”