all that’s left for you is doubt…

Not long ago, I featured a purely ferocious band out of Manchester called Delphic and their single Counterpoint with its beautiful arpeggios, bleeps and blips. It’s great to see that they’ve been getting a lot of attention recently. They’ve scored a pretty sweet gig as openers for fellow Mancunians, Doves, on their UK tour and now comes a brand spankin new single simply called Doubt.

Doubt is Delphic’s signature pop moment to date. Booming drums, an absolutely ridiculous bassline and a bangin’ chorus. One listen and you’d think you just heard a New Order track with a more melodic Kele Okereke from Bloc Party on vocals. The promotional film accompanying the single also further demonstrates Delphic’s run of striking videos. This is a band that truly understands the importance of the entire package. Sparkling electronic pop coupled with videos that are worth watching is quite the combination.

These guys are going places…

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“Doubt” by Delphic. Taken from the forthcoming Polydor release, “Acolyte”


mmmore doves…

Presenting the sleeve for the forthcoming Doves record Kingdom of Rust. Opinions?

there goes the fear, here come (the) doves…

Thank heavens! The Doves , or simply Doves, are back! It’s been a long time since the epic Some Cities record and if the first single Jetstream is any indicator whatsoever, this may be the most eclectic and perhaps best Doves record yet. Channeling some serious New Order vibes, Jetstream is the most danceable Doves song to date for sure. I’d be very interested in hearing the remixes to come from this! 

The single is taken from the band’s fourth record entitled Kingdom Of Rust, out 6 April in the UK. The USA release date is the familiar TBA. If you hurry, the band has Jetstram available as a free download on their website for two weeks only. A word of caution though: I’ve tried to get on the site and it’s been crazy busy so if you get yours, let me know!

Kingdom Of Rust tracklisting:

‘Kingdom Of Rust’
‘The Outsiders’
‘Winter Hill’
‘The Greatest Denier’
‘Birds Flew Backwards’
‘House Of Mirrors’

from manchester with love…


“trying to get your attention all night long
asked you once, i asked you twice, asked you four times
if you’d like to dance to that song from (?)
down the stairs and then i followed you out in the rain
nowhere to be found, never mind
you’ll probably never look that pretty again”


If you need to know anything about your faithful reporter, dear friends, then simply know that I, Billy Suede, am a remorseless Anglophile. If I could have been born and placed sometime in the late 1950s-ealy 1960s in Manchester, England, it would make me a very happy boy. To have been able to be around at a time where so many legendary bands came out of the woodwork would have been nothing short of astonishing. I mean, think about it. Manchester, an industrial powerhouse during the Industrial Revolution only to later be ravaged by the Luftwaffe bombings in WWII. That history, it’s been said, shaped the sound of so many bands that would call Manchester home. From The Smiths, Joy Division & The Buzzcocks to The Fall, Scritti Politti & New Order to the Happy Mopndays, the Stone Roses & The Charlatans. So many bands in between and today Manchester still hasn’t stopped with the quality acts. Elbow, Doves, The Chemical Brothers…and now The Courteneers. 

The Courteeners bring a smile to my face not only because their music is ace. They are also huge Smiths fans! A definite plus in my book! The music is anthemic yet substantive. The lyrics are world-weary and melancholy but still brimming with a wink of self-awareness. Very Doves-like, in my estimation especially in the vocals where Liam Fray sounds an awful lot like Jimi Goodwin in his tone.  Not Nineteen Forever is the single featured here and is the second single taken from their debut record St. Jude which was released in the UK back in April and it’s a crying shame they’ve not been picked up in the US yet. They’re opening for the almighty Morrissey for his US tour so it’s an imperative in our endless quest to save the world from Britney Spears, Lil Wayne and Nickelback to make sure good tunes become the norm in the US. Bring the Courteneers hither!


Just to further emphasize my point. This is a new single which will appear on their forthcoming second record called That Kiss.


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