it’s the sound of the atom splitting…

One of popular music’s least prolific bands are back. The kings of the Bristol sound, Massive Attack are releasing a digital EP 5 October which will include the brand new track unleashed today called Splitting The Atom. This one is a little different if you’ve spent the last near twenty years following this crew.  While Atom does retain the tried and true dark and dirty sound that has made the band legends, it appears that the bpm has been increased allowing for a bit of booty-shaking while grooving to this track. Understand I’m talking about a slight increase in bpm, they most certainly have not gone all nu-rave on us or anything.

Two  notable things going on in this song to listen for. One? Old reliable Horace Andy is back for another cameo on Massive Attack song. His is the voice that add levity and a sense of calm amidst the calamity that is the Massive Attack soundwave. Two? No 3-D anywhere to be found in the song! While this is disappointing, it is tempered by point #3, which is the return of Daddy G who had taken a powder for 2003’s 100th Window. His sorrowful, damned delivery adds a wonderful counterpoint to Horace’s making the song a winner in this fan’s eyes.

This is a wonderful preview to what we can expect from what will be the fifth installment in the Massive Attack canon rumoured to be released in March 2010.  Rumour has it that guests on the new record include Hope Sandoval, Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio) & Guy Garvey (Elbow). Needless to say, this is one record that will be a must-have. About time, Massive Attack came back, eh?

“Splitting The Atom”, by Massive Attack, taken from the forthcoming EP

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Correction: I’ve been corrected by a reader called Matt who advised me that 3-D is indeed on this track. Some dope wasn’t listening as well as he should have!