every little earthquake…

“How many countless nights
I try me best to hide
Soon as you slam the door
My tears fall to the floor
I know that people change
Maybe your not to blame
But must you burn a hole
So deep into my soul

Oh dear Victoria. You really shouldn’t have! They say the third time’s the charm and I dare say that old axiom does indeed ting true yet again. Now I know that Remedy made it into the UK Top Ten. I know how irresistible and glamtastic the song is but It must be said that deep in the cockles of my heart I was hoping against hope that at least one of two fave tracks from Hands would indeed be released as a single. My prayers have been answered and here’s Earthquake! The second track on the record but first in our hearts has made its way to the charts and a clear ascent is to be expected for such a wonderful song.

Lyrically we find our heroine telling us a tale about the tug-of-war that is a relationship when things start going sour and how delicate a task it is to rekindle the flame. I know what you’re thinking. Gee. Nothing new there. I would say you would right but since it’s Little Boots and she is so cute delivering the lyrics in the video and in the song that you simply have to let it slide. Isn’t that what pop music is all about?

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“Earthquake” by Little Boots, taken from the 679 release, “Hands”

get your groove on, miss boots…


Presenting the promotional film for New In Town, the official leadoff single from Little Boots’ debut Hands. A cute video showing Miss Boots travelling through various parts of the city being followed and mobbed by the dregs of society who follow her every move dancing every step of the way. For a second there I thought I was watching a Michael Jackson video like Beat It or Bad. Apparently the creators of the video were most likely were right on the same train of thought. Luckily the song itself drives it home. 

NYC people! Aren’t we lucky to live in the greatest city of them all? Why? Because Miss Boots is coming on May 15th to play one, yes I said ONE show on the 18th of May at Le Poisson Rouge at 158 Bleecker. She’ll be supported by the very meh HeartsRevolution with Dave P of the Making Time night in Philly spinning. Get your tix here.

i hope alison goldfrapp is listening…

“Im gonna take you out tonight 

Im gonna make you feel alright
I dont have a lot of money
But we’ll be fine
No, I dont have a penny
But I’ll show you a good time”

The 8th of June will bring the release of another anxiously anticpated record and should be one of the hits of the summer presented to us by none other than Miss Little Boots. Hands, judging by the blog hits Meddle and Stuck On Repeat should ably to allow us to move on from Goldfrapp quite quickly and allow Victoria Hesketh to assume the throne. The official lead-off single is a seedy little ditty called New In Town. The track was produced by Greg Kurstin who also handled the production for the rest of the record as well as being responsible for Lily Allen’s latest. I offer a golf clap for a job well done. NIT is one of those songs that when you hear it on the radio, it will make your ears perk up. The voice and synths work in concert to transport to a dark early morning roaming the streets of New York or London and what you lack in currency, you more than make up for in courage. Little Boots just wants you to know that as long as you stick, you’ll be okay. Isn’t that a quaint concept? I suppose all my fears would disappear if I was walking the streets with Little Boots arm in arm but I digress…

The song’s hot. Check for it. It’s going to be a great summer.

“New In Town”, taken from the forthcoming I Am Sound release, “Hands”


PS:  Here’s the tracklisting for Hands:

1. “New in Town”

        2. “Earthquake”

      3. “Stuck on Repeat”

      4. “Click”

      5. “Remedy”

      6. “Meddle”

      7. “Ghosts”

      8. “Mathematics”

      9. “Symmetry” (featuring Phil Oakey from the Human League!!!!!!!!)

      10. “Tune into My Heart”

      11. “Hearts Collide”

      12. “No Brakes”