kanye! the clipse! it’s kinda like a big deal!

It’s always a good day when you find out one of your favourite hip hop groups have come out of the woodwork to grace us with something new. In this case, It’s Virginia’s Clipse and their brand new single featuring the one and only Kanye West called Kinda Like A Big Deal. I must say that I’m digging it right out of the box. What becomes noticeable right away is that the production does not sounds anything resembling that would come off the mixing board of the Neptunes. This track was produced by DJ Khalil and word is that the new record entitled Till The Casket Drops has very little input from the Neptunes at all which at this point can only be a good thing. 

KLABD right off the bat has a bit more grit to it than what you would hear from previous Clipse singles. Lyrically it’s more of the same from Malice & Pusha T. You’ve got your boasts about lyrical skill, money, etc… Kanye gets a verse and adds a bit of his off kilter wordplay which is always endearing if not a bit uneventful on this track. 

Needless to say that I am pretty stoked for this record to make its appearance as the Clipse has always been of those groups that at least attempt to go against the grain in the morass that is mainstream hip-hop these days.

“Kinda Like A Big Deal”, taken from the forthcoming Columbia release, “Till The Casket Drops”