there’s always more with autoKratz…

Some bands make it seem too easy.  autoKratz are one of those bands.  The London duo has been making waves and making friends in the electronic/dance circuit in the last couple of years which has resulted in a deal with the Kitsune label and a major buzz. One listen to a song like Always More and it’s really not hard to see why. Minimal electronic dance pop at its finest. Everything is clean, everything is crystal. A tried and true dance progression and the lead…the lead…the not-quite dissonant lead. I just need to say how much I love the lead. For me, it makes the song. Add in the smooth vocals by singer/guitarist David Cox and you’ve got yourself a brilliant dance-pop track.

Their debut record Animal is out 3 March here in the States. Let’s hope they come out here for some shows because rumour has it, the duo absolutely kill it live.

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“Always More” by autoKratz, from the forthcoming Kitsune release, “Animal”


introducing the red-haired one…

Have I mentioned that 2009 is off to a huge bang already?! Some solid tunes and some great records on the way have already begun putting 2008 to shame! May I introduce you to another hot act. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to La Roux. They’ve come to us from England (where else?) and are made up of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid, they’ve also brought the force in the form of their debut single Quicksand released in November on Kitsune. A bit of a head-nodder, you’ll be dancing haphazardly in no time flat. It’s that infectious. For some reason, I hear some serious Eurythmics action with Timbaland dropping a beat from his mid 90’s sample library. Throw that in a blender with some Yaz and you’ve got La Roux. I think I’m in love…

The debut record will be out very soon via Polydor. You lucky Brits can catch them on the road now as they’re opening dates with Lily Allen. The rest of us? We’ll have to settle with checking out their MySpace.