there’s always more with autoKratz…

Some bands make it seem too easy.  autoKratz are one of those bands.  The London duo has been making waves and making friends in the electronic/dance circuit in the last couple of years which has resulted in a deal with the Kitsune label and a major buzz. One listen to a song like Always More and it’s really not hard to see why. Minimal electronic dance pop at its finest. Everything is clean, everything is crystal. A tried and true dance progression and the lead…the lead…the not-quite dissonant lead. I just need to say how much I love the lead. For me, it makes the song. Add in the smooth vocals by singer/guitarist David Cox and you’ve got yourself a brilliant dance-pop track.

Their debut record Animal is out 3 March here in the States. Let’s hope they come out here for some shows because rumour has it, the duo absolutely kill it live.

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“Always More” by autoKratz, from the forthcoming Kitsune release, “Animal”


dearest marina, you are my latest flame…

“Oh Lord,
I have been told
I must take the unforsaken road
There’s a fork in the road
I’ll do as as I am told
I don’t know
Who I want to be”

I have a confession to make.  It’s true I have a new crush. I’ve kept her quiet and under wraps for a while now but it appears I’m about to burst if I don’t make this known to the world. I have a major crush on a gal named Marina Diamandis. She’s a Welsh lass who’s now based in London. We’ve never met but that’s okay. She doesn’t need to know that I’m alive for me to extol her virtues as I see them to the blogosphere.  She’s quite a singer, you know? A whimsical style that evokes thoughts of another grand dame in British new wave lore in one Kate Bush. Although it must be said that Marina is a bit more playful and dare I say, mischievous in her vocal performances. You may have heard of Marina by now. Her name has been mentioned an awful lot lately in various blogs and indie magazines. It’s for good reason as you can tell from the BBC video above. She’s got quite a sound to offer and it’s only a matter of time before we are treated to her debut record entitled Family Jewels due out in 2010 via Neon Gold/679.

In the meantime, this lovely little ditty Mowgli’s Road is her debut single initially released earlier this year via Neon Gold in the States but is about to receive a major push in the UK as it will be released in November via 679. Listen, Love it, buy it. Friends…Welcome to the wonderful world of Marina and the Diamonds…

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“Mowgli’s Road” by Marina and the Diamonds, taken from the forthcoming Neon Gold/679 release, “Family Jewels”

i willingly fall into the temper trap…

so stay there
cause i’ll be coming over
and while our blood’s still young
it’s so young, it runs
and won’t stop til it’s over
won’t stop to surrender”

So if you’ve been an avid reader of my quaint blog, you’ll note that I am quite a fan of big, rousing choruses. Nothing makes a song a smash in my eyes without the big chorus payoff. It’s what you we as listeners and music obsessives live for! I should also add that I am also a big fan of shimmering guitars. You see I am very picky with guitars. Too often you find yourself wading through a bunch of background noise in an attempt to hear the melody in a song. With all the music readily available at our fingertips, who’s got the time? I sure don’t. With this said, I bring you The Temper Trap.

This, above, is the new single Sweet Disposition taken from the London via Melbourne quartet’s debut record Conditions (Infectious) just recently released in the UK ten days ago. Simply put, this is a beautiful song in all it’s anthemic glory. The shiny guitar provided by Lorenzo Sillito that sounds very reminiscent of the Edge, Johnny Marr or a Charlie Burchill (Simple Mnds),  the build-up to the chorus and a pristine vocal that simply soars above the song itself delivered by Dougy Mandagi.

I’ve said it in previous posts and I’ll say it again. 2009 has shaped up to be an absolutely outstanding year thus far with new bands making their mark. The Temper Trap are making their way to the top of the list. Now about a US release…they’re signed to Glassnote here. I’m waiting.

“Sweet Disposition”, by The Temper Trap, taken from the Infectious release, “Conditions”