who are you and what have you done with julian casablancas?

First things first. I am a Strokes fan. Check that. I am a HUGE Strokes fan. Dating back to the first time playing at Arlene’s Grocery way back when then getting my filthy mitts on The Modern Age EP, I was smitten with this band who quickly became the pride of New York and the purveyors of what would be the return of new wave whether they liked it or not. With the ten year anniversary of the seminal debut record Is This It approaching, it’s about time we get an idea of what lurks in the mind of the face of the franchise so to speak in Julian Casablancas. I was never particularly taken by the Albert Hammond Jr. records and Fab’s Little Joy project left me cold but when the news came about Julian taking a dip into the solo pool, I was interested.

If you, like me, were bored to tears by that Converse-sponsored earache-inducing error-in-judgment involving Julian, Santigold and Pharrell called My Drivethru, I can say for certain it’s okay to place your faith back in the shaggy-haired one. It appears Julian has traded in his lo-fi sound for a cleaner, much more polished electronic pop sound that almost sounds like he’d been listening to the first Electronic record and been taking notes. Needless to say I am highly in favour of the first track taken from Julian’s solo debut record Phrazes For The Young called 11th Dimension. For most, this would be considered quite a change in direction in sound but here it seems to suit Julian just fine.

The record is due out 3 November via Cult/RCA and you can be sure there will be a review so before I waste more space waxing poetic over this track, let me simply say that it’s quite specatacular and you should play to your heart’s content over and over. By the way, New York City cops still aren’t too smart.

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“11th Dimension” by Julian Casablancas, taken from the Cult/RCA release, “Phrazes For The Young”


thank heavens for little (rocker) girls…

Somer BinghamDSCN0216DSCN0208

Earlier this evening I did a wee hop, skip and a jump to a brand new DIY venue here in Da ‘Burg called Live From Shea Stadium affectionately titled after the recently torn down monstrosity in Flushing, Queens where my dearly beloved Metropolitans now play in Citi Field. Yes, I’m a jock. Deal.  So…the venue is very cool. It’s pretty spacious and is set up to record live performances so it’s definitely a place that local bands in the area will want to check out for small shows and what not.

Tonight’s visit was to bear witness for the first time to Clinical Trials in a live setting. I’ve already gushed over their sound so I was excited to see them play out. I’d say they delivered quite handily.  A frenetic and shambolic set featuring faltering microphones, a flying bass and loads of LOUD! It was everything one could want in such an intimate setting. The band was tight and lead singer/guitarist Somer Bingham did not disappoint as she ensnared the crowd in her wall of wail in songs like Disco Headphones and Polly Got Away. The band definitely brought the force as they pummeled the audience with tons of energy and sweat.

Check them out…now!

“Polly Got Away”, from the forthcoming release, “In The Wake Of The Digital Afterlife”

smd on the water…

*******************************PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT******************************************

Umm… *clears throat* Suede-heads in the New York City area! I highly advise that either by hook or by crook, you find a way to get to the Williamsburg Waterfront this coming Sunday, the 9th of August as the one, the only Simian Mobile Disco are making a stop and promise to bring the force. Yes. It will be a happy day indeed.  Granted they are only spinning and not actually performing and the rest of the lineup is droll indie rock, it’s still a chance to throw down with one of the dance bands in recent times!

Pkease leave the glowsticks at home. You’ll just look silly. Really.

Here’s the 411.

Sunday August 9th 2.00pm

East River State Park

90 Kent Avenue in da ‘Burg

also featuring the Fiery Furnaces, Dark Meat and the Netherlands

The Pool Parties

the electric chariot of fire makes a stop tonight…


Yes. Time for another plug! NYC Suede-heads! If you’re loitering around the Bowery and are in the mood for some quality electronic rock, go to the Mansion. A band near and dear to my heart, Electric Chariot will be performing at 11pm tonight at Crash Mansion, located at 199 Bowery. It’s a show not to be missed and promises to display of NYC’s up and coming bands. Do it!

the mystic underground live it up…

Yes friends. Another shoutout to another NYC band. The Mystic Underground and their scintillating brand of electronic pop are performing this evening,the 19th of May, at Lit Lounge. It’s strongly advised if you indeed live in the metropolitan New York area that you attend this show. The band will perform songs from their recently released record It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard. Lit Lounge is located on 93 Second Avenue between 5th & 6th Streets with the show beginning at 10.30pm. Dancing is most certainly encouraged apparently!

“Nobles Of The Concrete”, taken from the Stereosonic release, “It Really Shouldn’t Be This Hard”

the chariot makes a stop at arlene’s grocery…

Tonight dear friends, Electric Chariot is performing at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. 95 Stanton Street in the Lower East Side to be exact. If you are in the area, please do make it a point to see them. They deserve your attention. An album is on the horizon but first they will take some time out to showcase what they’ve been up to recently. The show begins at 8 and I will most definitely be there. I hope to see you there as well!

 “Nothing Matters” by Electric Chariot

get your groove on, miss boots…


Presenting the promotional film for New In Town, the official leadoff single from Little Boots’ debut Hands. A cute video showing Miss Boots travelling through various parts of the city being followed and mobbed by the dregs of society who follow her every move dancing every step of the way. For a second there I thought I was watching a Michael Jackson video like Beat It or Bad. Apparently the creators of the video were most likely were right on the same train of thought. Luckily the song itself drives it home. 

NYC people! Aren’t we lucky to live in the greatest city of them all? Why? Because Miss Boots is coming on May 15th to play one, yes I said ONE show on the 18th of May at Le Poisson Rouge at 158 Bleecker. She’ll be supported by the very meh HeartsRevolution with Dave P of the Making Time night in Philly spinning. Get your tix here.

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