tiga wants to lick your shoes…

Where the hell had Tiga been? I swear it felt it had been about ten years since Sexor came out instead of three. It seemed like I couldn’t walk into an indie disco night here in Williamsburg and not hear You Gonna Want Me every time and then nothing…until now. After a long wait, here  comes the new single Shoes taken from the new record Ciao! out now on  Turbo/PIAS.  I’m a sucker for a killer bass line and they don’t get much better than the one found here on Shoes, it’s simply killer. It’s so good that it almost makes you forget about the inane lyrics. Almost. “I’d love to do your nails before somebody gets hurt”? Say what? Become entranced by the bass line and let everything else simply slide off your back is the best way to appreciate Tiga’s latest. Enjoy.


“Shoes”, taken from the Turbo/PIAS release, “Ciao!”


the tiny terror and his merry men have returned…

“No one cares when you’re out on the street

Picking up the pieces to make ends meet
No one cares when you’re down in the gutter
Got no friends got no lover”


Placebo. Nuff said. One of the most consistently excellent bands the UK has produced the last fifteen years are at it again. I’m sure you guys checked out the free download of the title track taken from the new record Battle For The Sun due out in the UK 8 June via PIAS and loved it.  I now am proud to present the new single For What It’s Worth and what a joy it is to behold. A very accessible and concise ditty that clocks in under three minutes, FWIW is a song that begs to shoot up the charts with a bullet and appears to be a return to the band’s glam roots that they had sort of left behind in recent years. Personally this one get two thumbs up from me. Any comments from the peanut gallery? Have at it!

a friend in need is a friend indeed…



And Lord knows the world is in dire need of the Placebo effect right about now… Word from their camp is that there is a new record in the works and they’ve secured a new deal with PIAS. Of course, this deal does not apply to the US yet. So what does this news mean for us Yankees? It means sweet F.A. to be frank. Astralwerks didn’t really do the trick, promotion-wise, so hopefully Brian Molko and the gang find a home who will show them the proper respect. 

Speaking of the gang, it should also be noted that recently departed drummer, Steve Hewitt, has been replaced by former Evaline drummer, Steve Forrest. I’m assuming he rocks otherwise he isn’t fit to shine Steve Hewitt’s shows. I’ve never heard of Evaline but I think it’s safe to assume that drumming for Placebo is a bit of a step up for Mr. Forrest.  

Have I mentioned my love for Placebo?

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