la roux is bulletproof…

“I won’t let you turn around, 
and tell me now I’m much too proud, 
to walk away from something when it’s dead”

Yes I know you guys are probably very sick of my incessant posting about La Roux. Allow me to explain. They are brilliant! I can’t help it. The songs stick to my gut and I can’t help but hum them on the subway which as you can imagine elicits some strange stares from the unknowing riders. Their loss… Anyway, I present the brand new video for Bulletproof and this is by far the best and most elaborate video we’ve witnessed to date. It certainly appears that the folks at Polydor increased the budget for this one. 

Elly’s got some funky cool futuristic makeup going on and I must say I heartily approve of the outfits as well. It’s so refreshing to see a female artist who doesn’t feel the need to be a video ho and actually displays some semblance of a sense of fashion! About the song itself? This is right up there with Quicksand as a simply immaculate track and a nice rebound from In For The Kill. Bouncy analogue synths and a killer chorus make this song a winner. This will be the summer of La Roux.


the battle lines are drawn…


It’s only fair that if I’m going to mention the brilliance of Frankmusik that I also continue waxing poetic about Miss Elly Jackson aka La Roux, the current queen of analogue dance pop. The new single Bulletproof continues the roll she’s been on and sets up a very interesting chart battle between Elly and Mr. Frank. Her self-titled debut drops in June and wouldn’t you know it? So does Frankmusik’s… Now I’m not one to fan the flames of controversy for controversy’s sake…oh who am I kidding? Yes I am. Anyway it should be fun to see who outsells whom each act’s debut albums finally see the light of the day.  

As for Bulletproof itself? Can’t beat a midtempo stomper to get you dancing up as the summer draws nearer. This may be the most accessible and poppiest of the three singles released thus far. Although I’m still quite partial to Quicksand, Bulletproof is nothing to sneeze at and I look forward to hearing it spun at the local indie disco so I can impersonate someone who can dance with rhythm. Enjoy and comments are most welcome!

“Bulletproof”, taken from the forthcoming Polydor release, “La Roux”

the red-headed one returns…

Ouuhh but when we start making fires

We get ever so hot
Ouuhh  whether we like it or not.
They say we can love who we trust
Ouuhh but what is love without lost?
Two hours with accurate devotions
Ouuhh and what are feelings without emotions?"

Well, it was only but a couple of days ago I  introduced you all to the lovely couple, Elly & Ben, who together come to form La Roux and their catchy debut single Quicksand. Right on cue, it seems the lovely people at Polydor have issued a quaint promotional film for the second single In For The Kill. If you didn’t quite hear the strong 80s influence to be found in La Roux’s music before, you definitely hear it here. Analogue synths in abundance, a tinge of vocodered vocals and a simple, plaintive beat. In other words: they kept it simple, stupid!

Me likey. How about you?

introducing the red-haired one…

Have I mentioned that 2009 is off to a huge bang already?! Some solid tunes and some great records on the way have already begun putting 2008 to shame! May I introduce you to another hot act. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to La Roux. They’ve come to us from England (where else?) and are made up of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid, they’ve also brought the force in the form of their debut single Quicksand released in November on Kitsune. A bit of a head-nodder, you’ll be dancing haphazardly in no time flat. It’s that infectious. For some reason, I hear some serious Eurythmics action with Timbaland dropping a beat from his mid 90’s sample library. Throw that in a blender with some Yaz and you’ve got La Roux. I think I’m in love…

The debut record will be out very soon via Polydor. You lucky Brits can catch them on the road now as they’re opening dates with Lily Allen. The rest of us? We’ll have to settle with checking out their MySpace.

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