tiga wants to lick your shoes…

Where the hell had Tiga been? I swear it felt it had been about ten years since Sexor came out instead of three. It seemed like I couldn’t walk into an indie disco night here in Williamsburg and not hear You Gonna Want Me every time and then nothing…until now. After a long wait, here  comes the new single Shoes taken from the new record Ciao! out now on  Turbo/PIAS.  I’m a sucker for a killer bass line and they don’t get much better than the one found here on Shoes, it’s simply killer. It’s so good that it almost makes you forget about the inane lyrics. Almost. “I’d love to do your nails before somebody gets hurt”? Say what? Become entranced by the bass line and let everything else simply slide off your back is the best way to appreciate Tiga’s latest. Enjoy.


“Shoes”, taken from the Turbo/PIAS release, “Ciao!”

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